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The island of Madeira or the island of Wood has only been inhabited since the 15th century. Sheltering the biggest laurel forest in the world, the island offers an astonishing contrast between the sea and the land. With its forests which are so much sought after by hikers, its fine sandy beaches, its fishing villages like Camara de Lobos, its white houses and colored boats, Madeira is heaven on Earth. Property in Madeira is very well priced, from the apartments in Funchal, to the villas with swimming pools on the high cliffs. If you prefer peace and quiet, you will also find many houses for sale in Porto Santos, the second biggest island in the archipelago.
  • Calheta (Madeira)
  • Santa Cruz
  • Porto Moniz
  • Ribeira Brava
  • Ponta do Sol
  • Câmara de Lobos
  • Machico

Calheta (Madeira) Property

Calheta is a picturesque city located in the south-west coast of Madeira, Portugal. Here you can find a stunning landscape with golden sand beaches and crystal clear waters, perfect for diving or sailing. The top attractions include historic sites such as the old fortifications of Calheta, a medieval Manueline style church and plenty of sports activities like tennis courts, surf spots and golf courses. If you're looking for an idyllic holiday destination that combines comfort with nature's beauty – look no further than Calheta!

Santa Cruz Property

Santa Cruz is a coastal city located in the stunning Oeste region of Portugal. This up-and-coming city offers beautiful beaches, a vibrant culture and an array of real estate options for potential buyers. From tropical beachfront villas to contemporary apartments and luxurious penthouses, there is something in Santa Cruz for everyone! The mild climate ensures you can enjoy the outdoors all year round - whether that means strolling along the boardwalk or exploring some of the culinary gems featured in many restaurants around town. With its mix of affordability and vibrant lifestyle, Santa Cruz makes an ideal location for homeowners looking to buy real estate in Portugal!

Porto Moniz Property

Porto Moniz is a charming and picturesque village in the heart of Portugal. Situated on the stunning Atlantic coast, this vibrant destination offers endless opportunities for adventurers and beach lovers alike. From swimming in unique natural rock pools to savoring freshly caught seafood, there are plenty of activities to enjoy here. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore stunning trails through rural landscapes or take part in water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing at the nearby beaches. With picturesque views of both land and sea, Porto Moniz is an unforgettable getaway perfect for couples or families looking for some relaxation in peaceful surroundings. Embrace their culture by trying regional delicacies or finding your dream home with real estate options ranging from luxury villas to quaint cottages available throughout Porto Moniz – make sure you don’t miss out!

Ribeira Brava Property

Ribeira Brava is a charming coastal town in the Portuguese island of Madeira. It offers something for everyone, from sun-drenched beaches and a bustling port to breathtaking mountain views and lush green valleys. Residents here enjoy well-stocked grocery stores, lively nightlife venues, and plenty of cultural attractions. With its laid-back atmosphere, family friendly environment, and invigorating outdoor activities, Ribeira Brava is an ideal place to get away from it all while still having convenient access to all the modern amenities you could need. Whether you’re looking for a holiday home or permanent residence in Portugal – consider investing in real estate in Ribeira Brava today!

Ponta do Sol Property

Ponta do Sol is a picturesque seaside town located in the Portuguese Archipelago of Madeira. It is known for its stunning beaches and calm waters, making it a great destination for vacationers seeking some rest and relaxation. The town boasts an array of local restaurants offering tantalizing traditional delicacies as well as modern cuisine, while its many shops are filled with unique gifts and souvenirs to take home after your stay. As if that wasn't enough, Ponta do Sol also offers plenty of opportunity to explore nature, with lush forests nearby and walks along white-sand beaches offering breathtaking views across the ocean. Whether you're looking for a peaceful holiday by the sea or simply want to get away from it all in beautiful surroundings, head to Ponta do Sol - you won't be disappointed!

Câmara de Lobos Property

Câmara de Lobos is a stunning city in Portugal, located on the south coast of Madeira Island. This vibrant destination offers sun-kissed beaches, rolling hills and incredible views from its hilltop. With an abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy, there is something for everyone here! From wine tastings at local vineyards to sailing around the natural harbour or hiking to explore the lush green landscape of the surrounding hills - Câmara de Lobos has it all! The real estate market in this area provides some fantastic opportunities for buyers looking for investment properties. Perfectly placed between Quinta do Furão and Curral das Freiras valley sits a variety of newly built villas with access to world-class amenities such as golf courses and private marinas; ideal holiday rentals or long term investments waiting Eager investors can also find traditional homes nestled amongst olive orchards that offer a unique opportunity to experience quintessential Portuguese life while reaping great rewards from rental income. Investing in real estate in Câmara de Lobos guarantees an excellent return on investment due to its attractive location and ever-growing popularity with tourists.

Machico Property

Machico is a paradise in Portugal’s Madeira islands. With stunning natural beauty, pristine beaches, sunny weather and world-class cuisine, Machico has become a sought after holiday destination for both locals and travellers alike. Real estate here ranges from luxury villas overlooking the sparkling sea to quaint family homes with magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. Investing in a property here is an astute move as not only does it offer spectacular scenery but also potential capital appreciation thanks to its growing popularity and strong rental market. If you are looking for exceptional real estate opportunities with incredible potential then Machico could be just what you need!