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Madeira Houses with garden

Living in Madeira, Portugal is an enriching experience. Known as the "Island of Eternal Spring," this island nation enjoys mild temperatures and lush gardens year-round. The luxurious homes in Madeira boast some of the most beautiful gardens in the world. From rolling hillsides covered with vibrant wildflowers to private courtyards filled with vibrant colors, these houses offer peaceful retreats amidst natural beauty. With towering mountains offering breathtaking views and many opportunities for outdoor activities, Madeira is perfect for those who want to enjoy nature and cultivate their own garden oasis without sacrificing modern amenities or comfort.
  • Funchal
  • Calheta (Madeira)
  • Santa Cruz
  • Santana
  • Ribeira Brava
  • Ponta do Sol
  • Machico

Funchal Houses with garden

Enjoy the idyllic city of Funchal, Portugal by living in one of its beautiful homes with gardens. From traditional villas to modern apartments, there are many options available for those seeking a house with a garden. Located on the south coast of Madeira Island, Funchal offers stunning views and access to some excellent beaches. Spend time outside on your own private balcony or terrace enjoying some delicious Portuguese cuisine under the warm sun. With an abundance of Mediterranean-style homes featuring gorgeous gardens, you'll be sure to find something breathtaking here! Get ready for a perfect life balance in this unique and vibrant environment surrounded by nature - buy a home with a garden in Funchal today so you can experience it all firsthand!

Calheta (Madeira) Houses with garden

Discover the wonders of Calheta (Madeira), Portugal! Located in a stunning Mediterranean landscape, this is a great spot to find homes with gardens in an idyllic setting. From elegant villas surrounded by lush greenery and exotic flowers, to countryside cottages set upon vast acres of land, there are plenty of options for any discerning buyer looking for their dream home with garden. With its mild climate and ample rainfall, Calheta allows you to enjoy your outdoor living space year-round - whether it’s dining alfresco among fragrant plants or simply taking in the fresh air and spectacular views from your property. Let us show you what makes Calheta an ideal place to own a home with garden – contact our team today!

Santa Cruz Houses with garden

Santa Cruz in Portugal is renowned for its beautiful properties with gardens. Whether you seek a tranquil retirement home or a vibrant family home, you'll find your perfect match here. Situated near lush forests and pristine beaches, these houses with gardens offer a unique combination of nature and luxury. Take advantage of the Mediterranean climate to create an outdoor paradise, complete with flowering plants and fragrant herbs. Enjoy spectacular ocean views from your garden while relaxing on comfortable sunbeds - the perfect way to spend long summer days! With easy access to public transport, local restaurants and attractions, Santa Cruz could be just the place for you to call home!

Santana Houses with garden

If you're looking for a property with a stunning garden, then Santana in Portugal is the perfect location for you. Situated right on the Portuguese coast, this charming town is renowned for its beautiful beaches and lush gardens. The area boasts of some magnificent properties all featuring private outdoor spaces, designed to be enjoyed around the year thanks to mild temperatures in winter and cool breezes in summer. Whether you're after a cozy cottage or a luxury villa with views over the ocean, Santana has something that fits your desires. Relax in your garden as sun goes down and enjoy living under some of Europe's most beautiful skies!

Ribeira Brava Houses with garden

Ribeira Brava, an idyllic coastal town in Portugal, offers stunning houses with gardens to suit any lifestyle. From traditional homes tucked away among the rolling hills to luxurious homes overlooking the sparkling Atlantic Ocean, Ribeira Brava has it all. For those seeking a tranquil retreat, take advantage of private green spaces and outdoor living areas that offer serenity and unparalleled views of nature. If you are an avid gardener or landscaper looking for space to spread your creative wings then let the lush and vibrant gardens of Ribeira Brava be your playground. Enjoy balmy evenings surrounded by lush foliage while basking in Portuguese hospitality – what could be better?

Ponta do Sol Houses with garden

Ponta do Sol is a coastal city located in the Portuguese island of Madeira, offering an idyllic home with exceptional outdoor living. The houses for sale are surrounded by lush gardens that offer a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life. With its breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, Ponta do Sol radiates serenity and tranquility to all who visit it. Whether you’re looking for an escape away from crowds or want to be close enough to access amenities, these properties come with gardens that provide private areas where families can relax and enjoy each other’s company while taking advantage of their beautiful surroundings. There is no question why this city has such a great reputation as one of Portugal's most desirable places – make your next move here and take pleasure in stunning houses with gardens!

Machico Houses with garden

Discover Machico, Portugal and a home with garden of your dreams! The small town of Machico is the perfect place to find the house you have been looking for. Situated in a stunning natural setting, Machico offers plenty of houses with gardens that are sure to delight even the most demanding buyer. Whether it's a cozy apartment with an enclosed patio or a stately villa surrounded by lush vegetation, homes in this region come in different sizes and styles. Enjoy ample outdoor areas equipped with barbecue spaces and striking views over verdant landscapes. Take advantage of all the advantages modern living has to offer while relishing moments spent among nature - only at Machico!

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Madeira Houses

Madeira is an idyllic island off the coast of Portugal offering a spectacular selection of houses for sale. From modern villas with breathtaking views to cozy cottages tucked away on cobblestone streets, Madeira has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a permanent residence or a vacation home, houses in this area have access to sunny beaches and lush gardens alongside the beautiful Atlantic ocean. With plenty of outdoor activities, cultural attractions and world-class dining options nearby, Madeira is one of Portugal's best destinations for real estate investment. Explore the listings available now for your perfect dream home in this stunning and dynamic locale!

Madeira Apartments

Soak up some sun and enjoy the warm coastal breeze on Portugal's beautiful Madeira island. Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an investment opportunity, there is no better place to find it than Madeira. From modern high-end apartments with stunning waterfront views to more affordable units in charming downtown areas, there are numerous apartment options available in this idyllic paradise. With vibrant nightlife, fascinating culture, and plenty of activities to keep you entertained, Madeira is the perfect spot for anyone looking for a dream home or getaway. Live like a local by considering one of these fantastic apartments and fall in love with the island's stunning scenery and welcoming atmosphere!

Madeira Houses with pool

Escape to the paradise of Madeira, a popular vacation destination in Portugal where you can find luxurious houses with private swimming pools. Stunning views of the magnificent Atlantic Ocean are yours to enjoy when you stay in one of these residences. With many outdoor activities right at your doorstep, owning a home with a pool provides true relaxation and refreshment. Whether it is for weekend getaways or as an extended holiday destination, Madeira has everything needed to make your dream come true: tranquil beaches, stunning landscapes and exclusive houses with private pools. Live the island life and experience luxury living like never before!

Madeira Apartments with balcony

Located in Portugal, Madeira is a beautiful and lively destination perfect for those looking to buy an apartment with a balcony. Offering stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, this city features plenty of options to fit any budget. From luxury beachfront penthouses to affordable hidden gems perched on mountain cliffsides, every apartment with a balcony in Madeira offers something special. Whether you want to enjoy bird’s eye views over the city or sip coffee from your terrace as you watch the sunrise on the sea, there is something magical about living life right out on your terrace in Madeira. With its ample selection of homes and spectacular scenic beauty, investing in an apartment with a balcony in Madeira should be high on anyone's list!

Madeira Houses with parking

Make your dreams of living by the beach a reality with a house that comes complete with a garage in beautiful Madeira, Portugal. With its stunning Atlantic coastline and lush landscapes, there's no place quite like it to call home. Enjoy the sunshine from your very own secluded terrace or balcony as you take in the breathtaking views across the ocean. Get creative and use your garage for additional storage space or as workshop for all kinds of projects of DIY repairs and maintenance tasks. Whether you're looking to move permanently or simply seeking an idyllic holiday destination; investing in real estate in Madeira brings amazing benefits including a garage that will make life just that bit easier!

Madeira Land

Discover the beauty of Madeira, Portugal and explore its untouched landscapes. From rugged mountains to dramatic cliffs, lush valleys to idyllic beaches, this breathtaking island is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts looking to purchase land. On Madeira's picturesque hillsides you can find acres of lush farmland ready for development or cultivation. With the temperate climate and rich soil conditions, land in Madeira offers endless potential for investments such as vineyards and olive groves. No matter if you're looking for a private retreat or an investment opportunity, discover the advantages of owning land in Madeira – including stunning views, excellent infrastructure and proximity to world-class amenities like shopping stores, restaurants and resorts.