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Property in Coimbra

Property in Coimbra

Property in Coimbra

Conimbriga While the city of Coimbra is undoubtedly worth a detour both for its rich history and cultural heritage, the surrounding district bearing the same name, is also not short of charm and interest. History and stone building lovers will love the remains of the ancient Roman city of Conimbriga. Walkers can hike from the astonishing village of Piodão. Others may prefer lounging on the vast beach of Figueira da Foz. And for those who prefer to stay in the shade, hundreds of exotic trees await them in the forest of Buçaco. Quite simply, there is something to suit everyone! So, will it be a house in the Coimbra area, an apartment with sea view in Figueira da Foz or a house in the country? For the property market around Coimbra is still affordable with all types of property for sale.
  • Arganil
  • Figueira da Foz
  • Tábua
  • Vila Nova de Poiares
  • Miranda do Corvo
  • Penela
  • Oliveira do Hospital

Arganil Property

Arganil, located in the Central Portugal District, is your best choice for an idyllic life. This picturesque city is known for its lively culture and attractive landscapes. Experience authentic Portuguese charm in Arganil, with its charming cobblestone streets and traditional whitewashed buildings. From townhouses to detached homes, find a great selection of real estate in Arganil to choose from. Enjoy excellent access to local amenities like restaurants and shops as well as beautiful parks along the Mondego River with amazing views of the surrounding hillsides. Make Arganil your home today – come discover all this historic city has to offer!

Figueira da Foz Property

Figueira da Foz is a charming coastal city in Portugal. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, Figueira da Foz offers stunning views of its picturesque sandy beaches and coastline. The city also offers many attractions like its bustling nightlife, traditional Portuguese restaurants, vibrant cultural events and festivals, historical monuments and gorgeous architecture. With plenty of real estate opportunities available to choose from such as beachfront apartments, holiday homes and luxury villas with pools - Figueira da Foz is an ideal destination for those looking for an investment or permanent residence. Explore the magic of this beautiful city where Mediterranean living meets modern convenience!

Tábua Property

Tábua is a picturesque small town nestled in the heart of Portugal, brimming with charming traditional architecture and centuries-old history. With an abundance of stunning natural sights, such as nearby mountains and crystal clear rivers, Tábua is ideal for those looking for a peaceful retreat from city life. The nearby villages offer plenty of chances to explore local culture and enjoy delicious regional cuisine, while hiking trails provide opportunities to discover the region’s rich flora and fauna. For those interested in property investment, Tábua boasts many attractive properties at competitive prices compared to other parts of Portugal. From cosy cottages to luxury villas perfect for entertaining guests in style – come and explore real estate opportunities in beautiful Tábua!

Vila Nova de Poiares Property

Vila Nova de Poiares is a picturesque town located in the Central region of Portugal. This city offers serene, tranquil living with beautiful river views and cosy green spaces. With its historical centre boasting Medieval and Renaissance-era monuments such as the Igreja Matriz - the oldest church in Vila Nova - residents can enjoy the unique culture of this vibrant locale. Additionally, the town has ample amenities for those looking to buy real estate here; from large family villas to modern apartments and terraced houses, there are plenty of options available that suit all budgets and lifestyles. With an abundance of unspoiled landscapes on its doorstep, Vila Nova de Poiares presents a wonderful opportunity for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle in stunning natural surroundings.

Miranda do Corvo Property

Miranda do Corvo is one of Portugal's hidden gems, nestled in the beautiful Beira Litoral region. Situated amongst breathtaking countryside, Miranda do Corvo has something for everyone from an abundance of natural landscapes and charming cobbled streets to family-friendly attractions. Known as a great place to buy real estate, Miranda do Corvo offers prospective buyers a mix of townhouses, villas and apartments that are just waiting to be explored. With its traditional Portuguese architecture and picturesque setting, it's easy to understand why this area is highly sought after for property purchases – with good infrastructure links and stunning views across the countryside. Visit Miranda do Corvo today to experience all it has to offer and browse some wonderful real estate opportunities!

Penela Property

Penela, Portugal – the perfect place to live and relax! This small town in the Coimbra district offers its inhabitants a tranquil lifestyle surrounded by breathtaking scenery of rolling hills, lush forests and pristine beaches. Whether it's for an extended holiday or for more permanent residency, Penela has something special to offer its visitors. With easy access to world-class golf courses and excellent local restaurants, Penela is an ideal destination for those looking for that perfect getaway or family hideaway. From strolling along cobbled streets lined with traditional terracotta-roofed buildings to exploring nearby ancient monasteries and castles - take some time out from your day-to-day grind in this stunning Portuguese village. Real estate opportunities abound in this idyllic spot; find yourself your dream retreat today!

Oliveira do Hospital Property

Oliveira do Hospital is an enchanting city in the central region of Portugal. Located at the edge of Covilhã mountains, its beautiful landscapes and unique heritage make it a perfect destination for relaxation. Oliveira do Hospital offers an array of activities to be enjoyed including magnificent walking routes along its picturesque historical centre and delightful skiing areas during winter season. Home to many charming natural locations such as Corredoura stream or Valdigem peak, both ideal for camping, Oliveira provides a wide range of options to explore nature while engaging with local life style. Its historic monuments are remarkable giving it even more charm; visit Church St Francisco or take your time in the old watermills that remind us how this city used to be centuries ago! Don’t miss out on discovering the secrets that Oliveira has kept through history!

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Coimbra Land

Coimbra, Portugal is the ideal destination for land buyers looking to invest in prime real estate. Coimbra offers some of the most beautiful and scenic plots of land in all of Europe, with lush green hillsides and stunning views of nearby rivers. The land here ranges from flat plains ready for development to mountain slopes perfect for residential or agricultural use - whatever your investment needs may be, Coimbra has something to offer. With its vibrant culture and exciting history, purchasing a plot of land in this enchanting city makes an excellent choice for any investor looking to expand their real estate portfolio. Invest now and take advantage of the amazing opportunities available in Portugal's gorgeous city!

Coimbra Apartments with balcony

Explore the city of Coimbra in Portugal and experience its unique culture. Apartments with balconies in this historic city provide an unbeatable opportunity to live right at the heart of it all. Enjoy sweeping views of old streets, town squares or even mountain ranges from your private balcony. We have listings for a variety of apartments that will meet your individual needs - whether you're looking for something cozy or luxurious, you'll be sure to find a perfect home here! Find out more about our selection today and start living life to the fullest in Coimbra!

Coimbra Houses

Coimbra is a beautiful city in Portugal known for its charming architecture and friendly people. If you are looking to buy a house, Coimbra is the perfect place! With its vibrant atmosphere, stunning locales and great culture, Coimbra has plenty of options when it comes to houses for sale. From traditional stone buildings with terracotta roofs to modern contemporary designs, there's something for everyone in this amazing Portuguese city. Whether you're after an investment property or your dream home, Coimbra has all the amenities and features you'd want from a wonderful new home. Start your search today and find your perfect house in one of Europe’s most beloved cities!

Coimbra Houses with garden

Located in the centre of Portugal, Coimbra is home to some of the most beautiful houses with gardens. This historical city offers real estate seekers a wide selection of properties, many with lush outdoor spaces perfect for entertaining or just relaxing. From grand mansions to simple family homes, there’s something for everyone. The architecture is varied and ranges from traditional Portuguese style to modern designs. Whether you are looking for an investment opportunity or a place to call your own, Coimbra has it all when it comes to residential real estate with gardens. With its cobbled streets, ancient monuments and enchanting atmosphere, investing in a house with garden here is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Coimbra Houses with parking

Looking for a house with a garage in Coimbra, Portugal? You have come to the right place! Our real estate company offers an extensive selection of homes on the market, each equipped with its own private garage. Whether you need extra storage space or want to keep your beloved car safe from rain and snow, Coimbra's houses with garages are perfect for you. Plus, our experts can easily help you find homes close to parks, restaurants and other amenitites that matter most to you when making your decision. Visit us today and explore all our amazing properties – let us help turn your dream into reality!

Coimbra Houses with pool

Welcome to Coimbra, Portugal – the perfect destination for those looking for a house with a swimming pool. Enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and sun-drenched coastline along with breathtaking views from your new home. Whether you're looking for a luxuriously appointed estate or an affordable accommodation option, you'll be able to find it in Coimbra. Take advantage of local amenities such as shopping, dining, and nightlife, all within close proximity to your swimming pool oasis. Rest easy knowing Coimbra's real estate market offers plenty of options when it comes to houses with swimming pools – let us help you find the right one today!

Coimbra Apartments

Coimbra, Portugal is an idyllic city that has something for everyone. From its sunny beaches, stunning views of the Mondego River and Serra da Estrela mountain range to its historic and vibrant nightlife options – Coimbra has it all! The city is also renowned for its world-class apartments. Whether you're looking for luxury living in a modern high rise or more affordable housing in a traditional neighborhood, you can find the perfect place to call home among our listings. Get access to Coimbra's best real estate deals today and start living your dream life in this incredible city.