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Autonomous Region of the Azores Land

The Autonomous Region of the Azores is an archipelago in Portugal that offers a variety of land for investment and development. Located between America and Europe, this region is known for its breathtaking landscapes, some featuring cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or rolling hills covered with native vegetation. Developers are drawn to the substantial agricultural potential found in The Azores as well as its growing popularity among tourists seeking unique cultural experiences. Whether you're interested in building a residential property or launching a business venture, there are plenty of plots available across the nine islands comprising this autonomous region – each with different climate conditions and soil composition ideal for constructing custom urban spaces. Take advantage of rich soils and stunning views while securing your piece of paradise on these distinctive lands today!
  • Angra do Heroísmo
  • North East
  • Calheta
  • Ponta Delgada
  • Horta
  • Santa Cruz da Graciosa
  • São Roque do Pico

Angra do Heroísmo Land

Angra do Heroísmo is an incredible location to purchase land in Portugal. With its charming medieval center, cobblestone streets and surrounding azure waters, this city offers an ideal setting for peaceful living. Residents can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing and sailing, as well as visits to the picturesque town's historic sites and religious landmarks. Land in Angra do Heroísmo offers stunning views over the ocean with unique opportunities to build dream properties overlooking the breathtaking scenery. Investing in land here provides a wonderful opportunity to become part of a gorgeous city full of culture and heritage!

North East Land

North East, Portugal is a stunning region with a diverse range of land and landscapes. From expansive countryside to towering mountains, the area provides spectacular options for investment in real estate. With its Mediterranean climate and access to many beautiful beaches, this region can offer something for everyone looking for an ideal location. Whether it's rolling hills or urban plots available—there are plenty of great opportunities for those interested in property development. North East Portugal is also known as one of the most affordable residential areas in the country, offering excellent value for money when buying land. For investors looking to gain strong returns from their investments—this could be just what you need! Investing in North East Portugal's incredible properties can bring both short-term profits and long-term benefits that will last a lifetime – making it an attractive option to consider when exploring building possibilities!

Calheta Land

Calheta is a picturesque town located on the southwestern-most tip of Portugal. The idyllic landscape of Calheta offers pristine views of the Mediterranean Sea and charming scenery all year long. With its rolling hills, stunning sandy beaches, and lush vegetation, this Portuguese gem provides an abundance of opportunities for those interested in rural land investments. Visit Calheta to discover a wonderful array of plots of land with diverse properties – from small parcels ideal for building homes or private villas to larger sites with great potential for agriculture or eco-tourism projects. Proximity to major cities such as Lisbon allows you easy access to explore what the locale has to offer while ensuring all your needs are met in terms of infrastructures like airports, schools and hospitals. Investing in property near Calheta not only promises long lasting returns but also opens up endless possibilities for breathtaking vacations!

Ponta Delgada Land

Ponta Delgada is a beautiful city in Portugal renowned for its stunning landscape, with picturesque hilltops and sprawling shorelines. This peaceful paradise offers unique opportunities to purchase land full of potential. Whether you’re looking to build your dream home or start a business venture, Ponta Delgada has what you need. The area is known for its temperate climate and gorgeous seascapes – perfect for taking advantage of the fantastic real estate opportunities on offer here! With several natural parks nearby, there are plenty of activities to enjoy while exploring the local land plots. Find the plot that's right for you and seize an amazing opportunity in this beautiful Portuguese city!

Horta Land

Welcome to Horta, Portugal, an idyllic coastal village surrounded by stunningly beautiful land. There are many plots of land for sale in this region, with varying sizes suitable for different needs. Whether you want an agricultural estate to grow your own produce or a piece of pristine ocean view property for building a luxury villa, Horta has the perfect option waiting for you. Choose from vineyards and olive farms that dot the countryside and provide picturesque views or invest in beachfront real estate overlooking crystal clear waters – there are plenty of options available to make your dreams come true! Make sure to explore all that Horta’s land has to offer; it can give you the perfect place in nature to build your future home!

Santa Cruz da Graciosa Land

Santa Cruz da Graciosa, in Portugal, is an exclusive destination where potential home buyers can find the perfect plot of land to build their dream property. Santa Cruz da Graciosa offers lush rolling hills, stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean coastline and unspoiled nature – perfect for enjoying peace and tranquility. With vast plots of Mediterranean-inspired land available all year round at competitive prices, seizing this opportunity to purchase your own slice of paradise should not be missed. Whether you’re looking for a permanently secluded spot or a scenic location with easy access to the towns nearby, Santa Cruz da Graciosa has something for everyone interested in securing their own piece of land on which they can start building their dream home!

São Roque do Pico Land

The beautiful city of São Roque do Pico in Portugal is a paradise for land buyers. With rolling green hills, vast valleys and picturesque coastal towns, the region promises stunning landscapes. Its well-connected road network makes commuting easy and there are plenty of options when it comes to locating potential plots of land for sale. With its temperate climate and Mediterranean scenery, São Roque do Pico offers great opportunities to invest in real estate ranging from farmland to urban plots suitable for building projects or holiday homes. Whether you are looking for a peaceful rural retreat or an investment with potential capital appreciation, this region has something special to offer any property investor.

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Autonomous Region of the Azores Houses

The Autonomous Region of the Azores is a stunning Portuguese archipelago located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This picturesque region is known for its lush green hills and crystal clear blue waters. Houses here come in all shapes and sizes, from rustic farmhouses to charming seaside villas with excellent sea views. Whether you're looking for a permanent residence or just somewhere to get away on holiday, you'll find plenty of options available on the Azorean real estate market. With great transport links, beautiful natural landscapes, and close proximity to mainland Europe, it's no wonder that so many people choose to invest in property here!

Autonomous Region of the Azores Apartments

A paradise for nature lovers, the Autonomous Region of the Azores is renowned for its spectacular scenery. Boasting nine islands in three distinct archipelagos, these lush volcanic getaways offer an unparalleled opportunity to purchase luxury apartments with breathtaking panoramic views. From quaint villages to modern cities, you will find a variety of properties ranging from affordable condos and townhouses to luxurious villas and spacious penthouses with sea views. With many outdoor activities like fishing, sailing, hiking and whale watching plus countless recreational opportunities, life in the Azores is simply perfect! Whether you're looking for a quiet retirement spot or a holiday home that could potentially provide rental income - come explore this unique corner of Portugal and find your dream apartment here!

Autonomous Region of the Azores Country houses

The Autonomous Region of the Azores is a stunningly beautiful place known for its rural houses. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, its archipelago offers plenty of peaceful and tranquil settings to find your new home. Whether you're looking for a large villa or a tiny cottage, there is something to suit everyone's needs in the Azores! With spectacular views of towering ocean cliffs & lush landscapes, these houses will make you feel like you are living in paradise. Plus - with modern amenities like solar-powered energy sources and water filtration systems, you can live sustainably off-grid without sacrificing comfort or luxury. Make this magnificent archipelago your new home with rural houses in the Autonomous Region of the Azores!

Autonomous Region of the Azores Houses with pool

Discover stunning properties with swimming pools in the magnificent Autonomous Region of the Azores, Portugal! Whether you’re looking for a luxurious villa with its own private pool or a cozy bungalow overlooking crystal-clear waters, you'll find it here. With enchanting azure lagoons and an array of secluded coves, this paradisiacal destination is the ultimate place to find your dream home while enjoying all that nature has to offer. With majestic mountains, fragrant botanical gardens, and some of the world's best sunsets you won't be disappointed! Swim in your very own pool in this breathtakingly beautiful region; there's no better place to relax after a day full of exploration. From picturesque fishing villages surrounded by verdant hillsides to unique volcanic formations right on the coast – make your next move count by purchasing one of these fabulous homes with swimming pools in Portugal's most precious gem: The Azores.

Autonomous Region of the Azores Apartments with balcony

The autonomous region of the Azores is a paradise for those looking to buy an apartment with balcony. Characterized by stunning landscapes, breathtaking ocean views and mild temperatures all year-round, these nine islands are the perfect place for a home away from home. Apartment units here feature expansive balconies that provide spectacular panoramic scenes - perfect for taking in sunsets or watching whales as they navigate around the nearby archipelago. Whether you're looking to purchase a primary residence or simply invest in a worry-free vacation rental, an apartment with balcony in the Azores provides unbeatable value and unforgettable experiences. Make your dreams come true in Portugal's stunning autonomous region!

Autonomous Region of the Azores Houses with parking

Looking for a house with a garage in the beautiful Autonomous Region of the Azores in Portugal? The Azores offer plenty of house options with garages, from small townhouses to sprawling villas. Living in this mild climate allows you to enjoy year-round outdoor activities like surfing, diving and fishing. And with its scenic landscapes and crystal waters, it's perfect for those looking for an escape from larger cities. All our listings feature houses that have garages and are close to excellent restaurants, shops, schools and parks. Choose your dream home today!

Autonomous Region of the Azores Houses with garden

The Autonomous Region of the Azores is a beautiful destination for those seeking a house with ideal outdoor living conditions. With its temperate climate, lush gardens, and tranquil atmosphere, it's an ideal place to call home. The region offers some stunning properties with gorgeous gardens that will make you want to move right in. Summer months are especially lovely in the Azores as blooms from locally grown plants burst into life; enjoy colorful flowers, fruit trees and more from your very own garden! Whether you're looking for traditional architecture or modern design, there's something here for everyone wanting to experience outdoor living at its best all year round.