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Property for sale in Portugal : Sintra

Property for sale in Portugal : Sintra

Buy property in Portugal

Located in the west of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is a surprizing country because of the variety of its landscapes and its cultural wealth. If the majority of foreigners are attracted by the Algarve, on the south coast, the other regions should not be ignored. In the north, we should mention Porto, home of the wine of the same name, Coimbra in the centre, for its university life and students, not to forget LIsbon, the capital of the country, or again the Portuguese Islands like Madeira and the Azores with its unique landscapes. With a price per square metre of around € 2,300 only, property in Portugal has everything to attract investors wanting to buy a house, apartment, or villa.

  • Algarve
  • Lisbon
  • Leiria
  • Santarém
  • Madeira
  • Porto
  • Coimbra

Real Estate Algarve

The Algarve is visited by more than 5 million tourists every year. The reason? A unique coastline mixing limestone cliffs, wild beaches with crystal clear waters, not to mention its thermal springs, and one of the highest levels of sunshine in Europe. Real estate in the Algarve is flourishing: from the famous white houses of Odeceixe to the large villas in Albufeira, Loulé, or Lagos. You will find a very wide choice of houses for sale in the Algarve, at low prices!

Property Algarve, Portugal

Property Algarve, Portugal

Lisbon property

At the heart of the region of the same name, the city of Lisbon glows with dynamism. Rich in history, Lisbon offers an amazing trip into the past, with its numerous castles, palaces, and the Romanesque and baroque churches. As for the coastline, it is scattered with beaches and marinas, not to mention the magnificent golf courses and surfing spots of international repute. Property in Lisbon is varied: some prefer the apartments for sale in the narrow lanes in the town centre, while others go willingly for a villa on the Lisbon coast. Factor in the fact that buying a house in Lisbon can be a very good rental investment in 2016!

Leiria property

Located on the west coast of Portugal, to the north of Lisbon, the district of Leiria benefits from a rich and varied cultural and gastronomic heritage. One can in fact admire impressive buildings like Castle Leiria or the sanctuary of Notre Dame there; souvenirs of the glorious past of the region. Outside the town, the Ervideira Lagoon, as well as the magnificent beaches along the coast add some perspective to the picture. Property in Leiria is flourishing: you will find many villas skirted with pine trees along the coastline. The exploration of the towns and villages on the silver coast will certainly end up convincing you to buy a house or apartment in Leiria.

Property in Santarem

Tomar Santarém, capital of the area with the same name, is a pretty, elegant and quiet town perched on a promontory overlooking the Tagus River. But other beautiful cities, such as Tomar, dot the roads of this corner of the Ribatejo. Former seat of the Knights Templar, Tomar is a city full of charm with a remarkable artistic and cultural wealth. And don't forget Fatima, the Portuguese Lourdes! Caving enthusiasts will be delighted by the wonderful caves of the Serra de Aire Nature Park and Candeeiros. And children will surely want to see the world's largest collection of dinosaur footprints. So, why not invest in this area full of attractions? For the real estate around Santarém is still very affordable and there is a lot of property for sale: plots of land, apartments, town houses, farms...

Property in Santarem

Property in Santarem

Madeira property

The island of Madeira or the island of Wood has only been inhabited since the 15th century. Sheltering the biggest laurel forest in the world, the island offers an astonishing contrast between the sea and the land. With its forests which are so much sought after by hikers, its fine sandy beaches, its fishing villages like Camara de Lobos, its white houses and colored boats, Madeira is heaven on Earth. Property in Madeira is very well priced, from the apartments in Funchal, to the villas with swimming pools on the high cliffs. If you prefer peace and quiet, you will also find many houses for sale in Porto Santos, the second biggest island in the archipelago.

Porto property

Porto is a mythical town that has given its name to the well known wine of the same name, but also to the name of the country: Portugal. Although built long ago, this city is resolutely modern, and the property heritage of Porto contributes to its success with tourists. The famous Douro river, flowing through the town enables the soil and vines of the region to be irrigated. Advice to buyers wishing to buy a house in Porto: if you want to discover Portugal in its most authentic form, there is no better place. In this region, aristocratic residences, manors and castles are scattered throughout the mountains and adjoining natural parklands. So, what are you waiting for to invest in property in Porto?

Property in Coimbra

Conimbriga While the city of Coimbra is undoubtedly worth a detour both for its rich history and cultural heritage, the surrounding district bearing the same name, is also not short of charm and interest. History and stone building lovers will love the remains of the ancient Roman city of Conimbriga. Walkers can hike from the astonishing village of Piodão. Others may prefer lounging on the vast beach of Figueira da Foz. And for those who prefer to stay in the shade, hundreds of exotic trees await them in the forest of Buçaco. Quite simply, there is something to suit everyone! So, will it be a house in the Coimbra area, an apartment with sea view in Figueira da Foz or a house in the country? For the property market around Coimbra is still affordable with all types of property for sale.

Property in Coimbra

Property in Coimbra

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